Make your gay parent’s day with one of these local activities

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Father’s Day 2021 is around the corner, just in time for the re-opening of many Bay Area classes and events.

For those of you looking for an activity to share with your LGBTQI+ parent this Father’s Day, here are 5 ideas that might make your queer parent’s day special.

Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit

Treat your parent to 300,000 cubic feet of Vincent van Gogh’s oeuvre at the Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit.

Described by patrons as a “unique way to experience art,” the Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit has made its way to San Francisco after being on display in Paris and Toronto.

Notable works…


These queer subplots are, in fact, the tea

Photo: Screenshot via HBO

With the weather in the high 60s and low 70s, this weekend’s moderate temperatures and predicted sun are sure to make you want to get outside.

But, for those just getting back into the swing of meeting new people or hanging out with old friends, you might want to have some shows to stream on reserve — just in case. Here’s a list of shows featuring queer characters guaranteed to provide you with that re-charge you might need.

“Everything’s Gonna Be Okay”

From the creator of Please Like Me, Australian comic Josh Thomas is back with Everything’s Gonna Be Okay — in L.A…

Everyone is worthy of love and belonging

Photo: Courtesy James Swasey

I sat in the passenger’s seat as Sarah drove us across I-80 West, the “Big Friendship” episode of the podcast Call Your Girlfriend coming through her car’s speakers.

“Are you listening?” Sarah asked me, it is clear that I was in fact, not listening at all, and was distracted by the golden blur of dead grass out the window.

“Now I am,” I said.

In the podcast, long-time friends Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman talk about the release of their book and the term that they’ve coined, “Big Friendship,” which they define as a “strong, significant bond that transcends life…

Friday Five

Photo: Add Weed/Unsplash

The cannabis space is growing… and fast. And as we said before: The real winner of the Pandemic is the weed industry.

But that Big W wouldn’t have been possible without local leaders in the cannabis industry. The following 5 entrepreneurs, activists, and leaders are guiding the charge in the Bay Area to make education, equity, and access pillars of the industry. — and you can read more about them, below.

Sue Taylor

Go green… with your green

Photo by Laura Mitulla on Unsplash

As a consumer, it often feels like contributing to climate change is unavoidable — and to some extent it is. However, there are ways that we can reduce our trash output in our daily lives, oftentimes by switching up the products that we buy, and from where we buy them.

The Bay Area businesses below are here to help guide, educate, and provide customers with alternatives to products that are known to end up in landfills — or the ocean.

So, why not go green with your green? Here’s where to do some local sustainable shopping.

Rainbow Grocery Co-Op

Go grab a few LGBTQI+ books and some fresh ink

By Max Templeton on Unsplash

Long known as the “gay capital of the world,” San Francisco — and the greater Bay Area — is home to a nearly countless amount of queer-owned businesses, whether it be the insurance company down the street or your neighborhood gay bar.

With San Francisco now in the state’s “Yellow Tier” of Covid-19 restrictions, denizens of the city are now increasingly comfortable going out and about. And with that newfound confidence (and accessibility) to explore the region’s shoring-up business landscape, there’s also now a growing opportunity to put your dollar where your ethics are.

Shop local. Shop queer. Shop sustainable.

I first heard about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in sixth grade. Needless to say, I was horrified to discover that there is a patch of trash in the Pacific that’s three times the size of France. Until that point, I hadn’t thought about where the trash that I produced goes once I tossed it into a garbage can. At age 12, creating trash was normal, and I didn’t have the resources to see that, in fact, there are many things that individuals as well as corporations can do to reduce society’s trash output.

As a college student, I started…

Sasha Weilbaker

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